Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered.

If you have any questions other than the ones below, never hesitate to contact me via my contact page or email me directly at

What Does a Copywriter Do?

From engaging with your customers to enhancing your brand, a good copywriter will be able to understand you and your objectives, distil your market and audience, and communicate with them in a way that compels them to take the desired action.

Why Do I Need a Copywriter?

Grammar and spelling aren't the only skills required to create copy that yields results. There's a huge difference between being able to put one word in front of the other and being able to create compelling, engaging, clever content that captures a reader's emotions.

There's no substitute for the knowledge, judgement, experience, and pasion that pours out into the words of a professional copywriter.

How Much are Your Services?

I believe that no two projects are the same and therfore, no two projects should be priced the same. I'll give each client a customized price (usually by the word) depending on scope, timeframe, frequency, etc. One thing I can promise though is affordability and the flexibility to fit different budgets.

How long will my content take to complete?

This will depend on a number of aspects - complexity, scope, and word count being a few of them. Normally, I can turn around shorter pieces within 48 hours and we will always discuss your deadline beforehand. Although I will always try my best to complete your project as quickly as possible, I will never rush and compromise quality to force a deadline.

How Will We be Communicating?

I require that all communication take place via email, text, or Skype IM so there's a written record of all of our agreements. This just helps to settle any disputes that may arise and ensure I always have on hand any important details about the project scope.

How do I Get Started?

If you're interested in working with me, contact me through my contact page or email me at some short information about your project. I'll respond within 24 hours with a quote. Once you're happy with my quote, I'll send you any questions I may have to better understand your business, audience, and overall needs. I'll put together a draft for you to approve or make changes to and once you're 100% happy, I'll email you a finalized copy that's all yours.