Does your business copywriting pique people’s interest and turn your product or service into something worth paying for — just with words?

Copywriting isn’t just about grammatical errors or interesting metaphors, it’s about writing copy that generates a reaction from a potential customer. Whether that reaction be subscribing, buying, or sharing, it’s important to tempt the buyer by digging into the emotion and psychological impact of the words we use.

Here are 49+ terms to use in your copywriting efforts that convert ordinary copy into effective, profitable content that sells.

Most Powerful Persuasive Terms

These terms work in all of your copywriting— whether website copy, social, blog posts, and beyond.

1. You

Utilizing the word “you” in all of your copy makes the reader the focus of each message your brand states. Some variations of this instance is “your”, “yourself”, or “you all”.

2. Because

The term “ because” can be used in:

• Telling a story or giving a personal experience related to the writing topic builds trust about your knowledge within your field. “This eyeshadow is good because of the way it blended when I rubbed it on my eyelid”.

• Giving people a reason to complete an action. “Buy this eyeshadow because it’s cruelty free and vegan”.

3. Free

“I don’t know about buying this $60 eyeshadow palette from an unknown brand, but look, they have a free sample to try 2 of the pigments available. This will surely show me their too-notch formula and make me fall in love with them.”

4. New

Imagine if you’re stuck between a 1997 Honda Accord or the brand new Dodge truck available, both within your budget. Chances are, you’ll choose the truck (product, service, content) that’s newer because it’s fresher and up to date.

5. Instant

The fast-paced digital world today wants products or services that seems like they’re available at the snap of a finger. Why else would we pay an extra $49 for overnight shipping? Or give out our personal, shipping, and consumer information online for an instant, downloadable ebook just to avoid a paper copy being sent?

Encouraging Call to Actions

These terms work best in your headings, offers, and call-to-actions to ease anxiety, promote engagement, and build a sense of urgency.

Terms about Innovation

6. Discover

7. Fresh

8. Premium

9. Welcome / Introducing

10. Unique

11. Exciting

12. Breakthrough

13. Surprising

Terms about Individuality

14. Exclusive

15. Special

16. Secret

17. Hidden

19. Forbidden

20. Revealed

21. Limited

22. Revolutionary

Terms about Urgency

22. Now "Buy Now, Join Now"

23. Hurry, Today Only

24. Quick, Fast

25. Only, Last

26. Direct

Terms about Affordability

27. Save

28. Cheap

29. Win

30. Reduced, Discount

31. Bonus

32. Lowest

Terms about Giving Confidence

33. Guarantee, Promise

34. Proven

35. Easy, Simple

36. Lifetime

37. Safe, Safety

Terms about Emotion

38. Rejection

39. Humiliation

40. Stress

41. Guilty

42. Fail, Failure

43. Afraid

Terms that Sell

44. Money Back, Risk Free, Bulletproof

45. Best-Selling

46. Endorsed By

47. Magic, Miracle

48. Going Fast

49. Painless, No-Fuss

How to Use These Terms

Now that you have a heaping pile of 49+ copywriting terms in your lap, it’s important to remember to not go crazy trying to stuff unsolicited and spammy words in your next email newsletter.

Instead, think about the emotions you want a reader to feel or think about and carefully select a few words from that category.

For example, instead of “Download Now”, a call-to-action might look like: “Free Instant Download: How to master face contouring now”.

Instead of “Our Product is Helping Thousands”, a headline might look like: “Revealed! Our exciting breakthrough helping thousands save on their car insurance”.

The next time you’re writing boring copy that even YOU wouldn’t buy from, check back to this list of copywriting terms that convert and see for yourself which words spice things up.